Dec 10 2021 - Feb 12 2022

WHO: North Country Creative  

WHAT: Winter Windows of Watertown

WHERE Public Square, Watertown, NY

WHEN: Dec 10, 2021 - Feb 10, 2022


Tunes 92.5

NNY Living


Neighbors of Watertown

Children’s Home Jefferson County

Jake Johnson Properties

Watertown Local Development Corp

Northern Federal Credit Union

Motivated Reality

Strut Boutique

Starch Cafe

State Street Market


Baylor’s Of Watertown and Beyond

Turn of the Centuries - Kirsten Sparenborg

Sarissa Melissa

Ben Plante

Jeff Mandigo

Patrick “Monkey” Chirico


Free hot cocoa, cookies and stem kits available for visitors to Winter Windows of Watertown can visit State Street Market on State Street, Watertown, on Dec. 17 from 4 to 6 p.m. or on Dec. 18, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 


  • Watertown Local Development Corporation, 82 Public Square 

    • Window display1: Snowy mini-Watertown with Snowtown USA Props

    • Window display 2: Snowy mini-Watertown with Tom and Jerry Props

  • Cooks Manufacturing Jewelers, 36 Public Square

    • Main Window- Vintage Jewelry New Year display

    • Small light box windows - mini-Watertown winter scenes 

  • Infinite Lives, 40 Public Square

    • Main Window- Eye Spy Winter Animals with forest diorama

    • Back window - Mini-Watertown, Historic Winter Watertown and Holiday Portraits   

  • Marcy Building Entrance, 245 State St Watertown

    • Both windows - Snowy min-Watertown with talking trees and zoetrope's 

  • Marcy Building, 247 State St Watertown

    • Both Windows - Snowy mini-Watertown with talking trees and zoetrope's 

  • Empsalls Building, 67 Court St Watertown

    • Both Large Front Windows - Vintage Empsall holiday shopping

    • Left Side window- Turn of Centuries - Hand painted map of Watertown

    • Right Side Window - Snowy mini-Watertown with talking trees and zoetrope's 

  • Neighbors of Watertown Offices, 112 Franklin St, Watertown

    • Entrance - Snowy mini-Watertown with talking trees and zoetrope's artist Patrick Chirico

    • Office 1 - Historic Winters of Watertown , local historian Baylor’s of Watertown and beyond

    • Office 2 “The Spirit of the Community” - Bright Portraits of Non for Profits in Watertown

  • Strut Boutique, 308 State Street Watertown

    • Vintage Holiday Fashion ads and

  • State Street Market, 454 State Street Watertown

    • Front Windows - "Peace on Earth" mural on Windows with lots of holiday energy surrounding. 

Thank you so much and if you have any questions, please contact Patrick Chirico by emailing northcountrycreative@gmail.com.

Winter Windows Map.jpg